Commercial Kitchen Hoods
Larkin Industries manufactures fifty-two different hood models to ensure we can supply the correct equipment for any application you may encounter

Make Up Air Units
Larkin Industries offers a full line of make-up air units including heaters, packaged units, axial fans and inline fans

Kitchen Ventilation System Components
Larkin Industries offers a broad selection of kitchen ventilation components needed to accommodate any commercial kitchen design

Exhaust Fans
Larkin Industries offers a complete line of commercial kitchen exhaust fans, transfer fans, and fans for general clean air exhaust applications

Kitchen Ventilation System Controls
Larkin Industries offers several electrical control options, including, environmentally sustainable energy management systems, standard kitchen fan control packages, and switch panels

Parts And Hardware
Larkin Industries supplies replacement parts and hardware for kitchen hood systems and supplies for installation including, fire wrap/duct wrap, and other needed accessories

Customer Service

Our experienced customer support team consistently provides the results you can depend on.

Product Quality

Well-designed products that offer environmentally sustainable options at an exceptional value.


Consistently delivering high quality kitchen ventilation products on time and undamaged.