• Factory pre-piped ANSUL Fire Suppression Systems are available on all hood systems. Larkin chooses to use ANSUL/TYCO Fire Suppression Systems exclusively. ANSUL is the industry leader in commercial kitchen fire suppression products and only provides the highest quality components and one of the best service and distribution networks in the country. All systems are shipped completely factory pre-piped and field hook up is always included unless specified otherwise. Fire suppression systems can be hood mounted in a Larkin utility cabinet, or wall mounted in stainless steel enclosures.

  • Factory pre-piped
  • Permits and field hookup included
  • Premium ANSUL R-102 wet system fire suppression
  • ANSULEX Advanced extinguishing agent provides fast fire extinguishments and prevents fire re-flash
  • Proven fast detection fusible-link system
  • UL300, ULC, MEA, ABS and CE approved and listed


  • Factory pre-piped fire suppression systems saves time on install
  • Larkin Industries, Inc. Handles all contracting and hook up costs directly with the fire protection contractor
  • ASNUL fire suppression systems are the industry leader in automatic kitchen fire suppression products
  • ANSUL has one of the most complete service and distribution networks in the country

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