• Designed specifically for commercial kitchen applications, these modular packaged DX cooling units are designed to cool the incoming supply air to around 70-75 degrees. This allows for a more comfortable kitchen environment and enhances employee productivity in the summer months. The modular packaged DX cooling units are designed to be a fully packaged unit that is factory pre-piped and charged to reduce the installation time and associated costs. These units are available with indirect or direct-fired gas heating modules, hot water or electric heating modules, or as a cooling only unit.

  • Fully packaged DX cooling modules
  • Factory piped and charged
  • Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Stainless Steel drain pans
  • Condenser and evaporator coils are built with copper tubes and permanently expanded aluminum fins
  • Statically and dynamical balanced condenser fans
  • Thermal expansion valves provide refrigerant control
  • Quite running hermetic scroll-type compressors
  • Liquid line filter/dryer
  • Service and charging valves
  • Optional variable volume set up


  • Fully packaged unit requires no filed charging or piping reducing installation time and costs
  • Stainless steel drain pans and copper and aluminum coils ensure years of reliable performance
  • Quite and efficient compressors and condenser fans
  • Compressors are mounted in an isolated compartment for servicing without interrupting the airflow
  • Service and charging valves for simplified maintenance
  • Maximizes kitchen comfort for improved employee productivity
  • Economical up front equipment cost

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